Do Chairs Exist?

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Metametaphysics (Eds. David Chalmers, David Manley, Ryan Wasserman)
An Introduction to Metametaphysics (Tahko)
Material Beings (Peter Van Inwagen)
Objects and Persons (Trenton Merricks)
Ordinary Objects (Amie Thomasson)
Ontology Made Easy (Amie Thomasson)
Ontology, Modality and the Fallacy of Reference (Michael Jubien)
Objects: Nothing our of the Ordinary (Daniel Z. Korman)
Composition as Identity (eds. Cotnoir, Baxter)
Truth and Ontology (Trenton Merricks)
Austere Realism (Horgan and Potrc)
The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are (Alan Watts)


Thinking about Things (Jubien):
There are no Ordinary Things (Unger):
Against Parthood (Sider):
A Sweater Unraveled (Sidelle):
On What There Is (Quine):
Two Dogmas of Empiricism (Quine):
Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology (Carnap):
Many-One Identity (Baxter):
Oneness, Aspects, and the Neo-Confucians (Baxter):
Why the debate about composition is factually empty (Balaguer):


SONGS (in order of use):

What's Out There (Christopher Baron)
Sleeping Dragon (Rob Kelly | Duncan Pittock)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Oliver Ledbury)
Political Manoeuvres (Christopher Baron)
Desolate Dream (Sarah Ozelle)
Moon Men (Jake Chudnow)
Hope Is Alive Toolkit (Erick DeVore)
Lazy Daze (Barrie Gledden)
Why So Blue (Chris Norton | Frank Mizen)
Revitalize 2 (Barrie Gledden | Steve Dymond)
Smooth Rhodes (Geoffrey Keezer)
Mississippi Mirage (Jeremy Sherman)
Broadway Dawn (Paul Michael Harris | Simon)
Orbits (Giovanni Antonio Parricelli)
Keep Your Chin Up (David Kelly | Paul Michael Harris)
Forgotten Tears (David O'Brien)
Tiny Suspect (Sue Verran)
Strictly Mambo (Christopher Ashmore)
Funky Rhodes (Geoffrey Keezer)
Sly Spy (Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock)
Car Full of Spiders (Chris Blackwell)
Houston Keys (Geoffrey Keezer)
I Can See the Sea (Neil Williams | Gerard)
Skinny Dipper 3 (Bob Bradley | Matt Sanchez | Steve Dymond | Josh Weller)
Martinique (Ray Davies)
G And T Sunset (Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner)
Tribeca (Tim Garland | Joseph Locke | Geoffrey Keezer)
Doug's Demise (Bryce Jacobs)
Peaceful Beginnings (Bob Bradley | Thomas Balmforth | Chris Egan)
BEYOND (Alter Natural | VIUS):
Bell Theory (Oriol Sirinathsingh)
Swamp Dude (Bruce Bouton | Neil Williams)


  1. Omega Byte
    Omega Byte
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    he said SUS

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    Narg Studios
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    "As Alan Watts would say - The Universe doesn't contain people. The Universe, peoples!"

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    This is the "Michael Stevens Fan" button

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    A Mom Called Quest
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    I’ve never seen this man in my life but millions of y’all follow him and he’s tryna convince me trees and dogs are the same thing and chairs don’t exist. Did I just walk into a cult?

  5. Ryan
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    I am a chair and would like to tell everyone that we are all paid actors

  6. GAB
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    I believe a chair is what we define as a collection of properties among parts hosted by matter, that are 1) Sittable; 2) Able to sustain the weight of its sitter (otherwise it is a "broken chair"), and 3) Recognised as sittable. A chair can be any assortments of shapes and composition, but all chairs have these 3 qualities in common with one another. A chair before it is broken is something I can recognise as sittable, _is_ sittable, but cannot sustain the weight of the sitter. A broken chair is something I can recognise as being used to be sittable, was sittable, but cannot sustain the weight of the sitter. What is interesting is that comfortability has no bearing on if it is sittable or not, as technically any object that can sustain the weight of its sitter, by definition, is a chair. In technical definitions, the object that Michael is sitting on is not only a cushion, but it is sittable, making it a type of chair.

  7. Ismael Abufon
    Ismael Abufon
    ساعات قبل

    Bang on a lot of thoughts I've had throughout the years.... I've been wanting to go and read about these things, but been wanting to write things down (or video them) before reading and expanding my knowledge, and then after to see how much of the articulation of my original ideas change and mature with the reading. Can't really stress enough how much this video resonates with me 🙈 --- I think about these things pretty much daily, and I haven't found anyone who seems actually interested or really follow these ideas. It's nice to see you on this, Michael. So, as always: thanks for making these videos. :)

  8. ABC123
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    I would like Michael to do a video about endangered species and whether we should or shouldn't be trying to save them.

  9. Donny
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    I saw the title and was instantly intrigued

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    What the fuck am I watching

  11. SmellsLikeRacing
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    If you saw the chair into 2 halves, does it stop being a chair or you have 2 broken chairs? If one of the halves can be still used for sitting, is that the real chair and the other piece is not?

  12. Ps4 Nikolaj 13
    Ps4 Nikolaj 13
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    Yes… they do …or do they???

  13. Speech 100
    Speech 100
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    im sitting in one right now so yeah i guess they do?

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    Can we talk about the fact that he had a slice of cheese lying around in his shirt🤣🤣

  15. Payton Byrd
    Payton Byrd
    3 ساعات قبل

    The way you went through this, you should honestly make a series of videos covering the entirety of Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason", with the absurdism and modern viewpoints thrown in. I do wish there had been more on ideals and concepts, though. Of course, then you'd have to add in Hegel, and meta-ontology, and meta-philosophy. Or you could just throw out Theory of Idea and Theory of Form together, and work your way through the testability of logic and the validity of experimental philosophy. Hmmm...

    1. Payton Byrd
      Payton Byrd
      2 ساعات قبل

      There's also the fact that you can view nouns/objects/subjects as an ideal that is dependent upon the actions they can perform or can have performed upon. You somewhat covered that by singling out vague statements and questions - there's the communal ideal of the 'chair', and the individual ideal, and as far as I'm concerned, anything I can sit on is a chair. Also, I think you accidentally put some quantum mechanics in this overview(fields of things composed of things that make things that our physical forms can perceive and/or interact with).

  16. lool8421
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    if you can sit on it, it's a chair

  17. Nicolay Hoven
    Nicolay Hoven
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    I like annoying my girlfriend by arguing an article of clothing as *insert another label for an article of clothing* because when you look it up in the dictionary the word I use technically still fits...

  18. TheMADGUY50
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    HUh, this has made me weary not for the fear of existing but for the discomfort of thinking of being attached to Michelle from Veritaserum.

  19. Tachysphex
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    But the more we try to sus out where they are, the more sus they become.

  20. Singularity
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    Chairs are nothing, family is everything - Dom Toretto

  21. Lb96
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    "Do Chairs Exist?" Answer, Michael is Death

  22. jamie1212ab
    4 ساعات قبل

    When an item stops fulfilling its purpose it stops being the item

  23. Ryan F
    Ryan F
    4 ساعات قبل

    Mafia Stevens ~ "Are you the same you without your tongue?" 19:28

  24. Chaotic Angel
    Chaotic Angel
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    0:55 yo guys I found a chair guess they exist :00

  25. Brooklyn Lovato
    Brooklyn Lovato
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    This is a video you need to watch on a full stomach to be able to comprehend

  26. Ellis Tomago
    Ellis Tomago
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    I don't think avoiding ontological paradoxes should influence us at all.

  27. David B
    David B
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    I really wish I was high when I watched this

  28. Johnson Adeleke
    Johnson Adeleke
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    Your solution to the four sides of a triangle could moduli-space Barycentric coordinates for gravity. Relativity? And yes.

  29. Panic At The Tesco
    Panic At The Tesco
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    There is only one rule of ontology: the only thing definitely known to not exist is my sex life.

  30. Panic At The Tesco
    Panic At The Tesco
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    Thanks Michael for answering all the questions we ponder at night: "what is infinity, will we ever achieve world peace, DO CHAIRS EXIST?"

  31. el gingiro
    el gingiro
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  32. TEKHD
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    There is no spoon, so there is no chair.

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    mikoy huio
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    This looks so fun?

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    john noble
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    Michael, data 5448 Broadway, Chicago Il....the matrix?

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    onam h
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    Michael read about the concept of mithya and maya.

  36. Ашот Бадалян
    Ашот Бадалян
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    "I am not a thing that dies, I am the one who knocks!"

  37. Luís Semedo
    Luís Semedo
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    @Ordinary Things I guess you don't exist bro

    1. mikoy huio
      mikoy huio
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      15:46 The man outside Best Buy when I tell him I don't have any money

  38. Super Crazy
    Super Crazy
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    You are such a philosopher of stupidity combined with pure insanity which I am insane but logic insanity you cross that logic I hope you live with your noun sense knowledge and experience which it’s just a bunch of lies you created how could you lie to yourself?

  39. Cloudy 2005
    Cloudy 2005
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    I feel like Vsauce is the smartest and craziest person i've ever seen.

  40. J P
    J P
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    I'm gonna have to sit down to watch this.... oh wait...

  41. Hibernator
    7 ساعات قبل

    Could you say that a chair is an emergent property of all the atoms in that given space. Like a single ant is not a colony, but a million ants is one. The colony is an emergent property of a million ants in one area. Therefore nothing is its own thing, everything is simply a property of the atoms in that shaped area.

  42. Pierinhood74
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    My spot-on reaction to the title was: wtf! Yes they do! I clearly never seen a vsauce video......

  43. Kog Kog
    Kog Kog
    7 ساعات قبل

    This all sounds very similar to an ancient Indian text called Yoga Vashishta, and the concept of Maya. It’s the oldest surviving philosophy text.

  44. Baljakante Cro
    Baljakante Cro
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  46. Wicked Bunny
    Wicked Bunny
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    Hmm I woke up listening to this (I sleep with ARpulse on) this was weirddddd feeling waking up to hear there are no chairs just scattered simples 😳

  47. Melvin
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    "Do chair exist?" Aight... im lost

  48. Konsta Haapanen
    Konsta Haapanen
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    If there are incars then i am an inhuman😳😈

  49. satsgridnev
    8 ساعات قبل

    "Chair" is an idea. Ideas live in our heads, not in a real material world. "Chair-shaped-materia" can or can not be a chair - a r b i t r a r y.

  50. Phoenix
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    15:46 The man outside Best Buy when I tell him I don't have any money

  51. Ry’s Adventures!
    Ry’s Adventures!
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    no duh

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    "There are no things but as a concequence there are as many things as we like" How did this 40 minute video come up with an answer to "Would you rather have unlimited bacon... but no more games; or games, unlimited games... but no more games"

  53. Gwendolyn Barnett
    Gwendolyn Barnett
    10 ساعات قبل

    Interesting video thank you. I do feel there are two terminologies that you did not talk about that could have been included; functionality and context.

  54. Hoy
    10 ساعات قبل

    Set theory

    10 ساعات قبل

    broke: chairs are a social construct woke: there's no such thing as a chair, only simples being arranged chair-wise, chairing, that we, for practical reasons, call chair

  56. Dempsey Everest
    Dempsey Everest
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    When dose something stop being new ?

  57. sh
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    Man, happy to see that a video only a week old, has more views then the older ones. Means this channel is finally is getting out to more ppl again.

  58. Jacob Garcia
    Jacob Garcia
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    Michael: "As we all know, 2 minus 1 is 2." Me: "Oh shit. Here we go!"

  59. Twan J. Ponte
    Twan J. Ponte
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    i just lost myself during this video... not sure if its a good thing.....

  60. Mohamed Hossam
    Mohamed Hossam
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    just asked my chair if it exists or not , it replied back that it surely exist #problem_solved

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    Do you believe in gravity?

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    Peter van Rooij
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    Nine-Toed Sloth
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    "I am death! I am the scattering!"

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    World Peace
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    Alternative title: "A chair having an existential crisis for 37 minutes"

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    Christopher Roberts
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    I ... He .... Chair ..........lick

  70. akab211
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    How can chairs exist if our eyes arent real?

  71. xohlt
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    do they tho?

  72. Fallen Star
    Fallen Star
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    there are no crane there's nothing EVERYTHING IS NOTHING

  73. Tibor Tarcsay
    Tibor Tarcsay
    14 ساعات قبل

    The problem becomes even more intriguing if we consider the fuzzy boundaries of all objects constituted by "simples" - if such a thing indeed exists, pun intended. Given that in our understanding space is a continuum, and not made up of discrete units, one cannot really define boundaries, exactly as in the sorites paradox (which, by the way, was first described by Aristotle 2500 years ago). If there are no boundaries, then there isn't really a way to tell whether a single simple belongs to the chair or the ambient air, floor, etc. surrounding the chair. Hence the sorites problem can be inverted not only to ask "how much can I remove until it is no longer a chair" but "how can I add until I still have a chair?" If there are no actual boundaries, one could argue that it is a specific pattern of simples that constitutes a chair, another pattern that makes up a wall, a human, a cat, etc. BUT! Not only does this lead us back to the Platonic eidos-hyle, form-matter dichotomy, essentially ontological dualism, but what is even more worrying, introduces the entire problem of universals and nominalism vs. realism anew into a physics that we have striven to purge of philosophy! Even more anxiety-inducing is the problem that if we consider (following Penrose in The Emperor's New Mind) a teleporter device, like in Star Trek, which reads out the pattern of simples in anything, codes it in, sends the information to an assembly machine, which spits out the exact same pattern - well, how could it work? Does the pattern itself have a pattern which can be transported, and that another pattern, and so on ad infinitum? Could you assemble the same pattern as a human has from chair-simples? Would the chair then become human?

  74. Scott Cowick
    Scott Cowick
    14 ساعات قبل

    Walks all the way through ontology and reaches the edge of semiotics. Loved it!

  75. [Strong A.B.]
    [Strong A.B.]
    14 ساعات قبل

    Sounds like the starting point on Buddha's teachings on emptiness imo

  76. champaklal gada
    champaklal gada
    15 ساعات قبل

    Indian philosophy... Vedanta... Vedas... Geetas... Are the best... They are really scientific... Have to read it to understand it

  77. Scott Debruyn
    Scott Debruyn
    15 ساعات قبل

    How many molecules of H2O are necessary to make something wet?... Damp?... Dry?... Soaked?... Or the one my wife dislikes... Moist? :) And don't even get me started about a god...

  78. Zachary Vinson
    Zachary Vinson
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    Its 2:39 in the morning, I told myself one last video 3 videos ago…

  79. Times
    16 ساعات قبل

    Surprised you didn't mention the philosophical classic: "Does a collection of all objects contain itself?"

  80. ThePandaclash
    17 ساعات قبل

    My question with the scraping of the atoms is: when you scrape atoms off the chair does those scrapings then become a chair? At what point do those atoms become a chair And do atoms exist? If not what does? If nothing exists then what is a simple?

  81. ALKingSky
    17 ساعات قبل

    FIRST OF ALL: it's obvious!!! I agree with you and I'm gonna put it in a simpler terms: E=mc2. Everything that perceived as 'things' or 'stuffs' are all made up of energy and can all be broken down to energy

  82. Times
    17 ساعات قبل

    For gods sake, Michael. Leave the chairs. I need at least a chair.

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    Youtuber moments and more
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    Next video Never is actually 10 years

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    Can we talk about how he’s sitting? How. I tried to sit like that after noticing and I simply couldn’t.

  85. ZombiezKey
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    Should I get a new name every time I cycle through a set of cells that I’m made of?

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    Promis QS Panda
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    Hovering Goat
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  89. Green Corn
    Green Corn
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    This sounds like less of a physics problem and more like an interesting take on how difficult it is to produce definitions.

  90. Mote
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    In august someone in my house was sick and coughing all over. And i got sick. I took medicine to try to get my nose to stop running and i swear the medicine messed up my brain. Because ever since i have been thinking something and i can't stop thinking about it. To the point where i cannot enjoy anything at all. And its still here. But i am pretty sure it will never get better because i would need to completely forget this thought.

    1. Clancy Carr
      Clancy Carr
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      @Mote Solution: Get blackout drunk

    2. Mote
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      And i dont want to say specifically what it is, because its like a virus, if i say it then whoever i tell it to will also have that thought and it will drive them crazy. So i can only vent about it vaguely

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  92. Billy Handshakes
    Billy Handshakes
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    This guy looks way too deep into everything. Just because we have a word for it doesnt mean we should debate whether it exists or not. If it is there it is there

  93. Christian Kettlewell
    Christian Kettlewell
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    27:28 I laughed way too hard at the idea of asking someone “how many waters are in your basement?”

  94. Wilson Angelo Wang
    Wilson Angelo Wang
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    Halfway through the video and I'm thinking that all the terms he just mentioned might not exist.

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    Christian Kettlewell
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    17:07 in and I’m like “Bro, rename this video to, ‘The Semantic’s Guide to Never Getting ANYTHING Done Ever Again’” ughhhhh

    1. Christian Kettlewell
      Christian Kettlewell
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      Like finish a point. I think that’s part of the point but finish a point please

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    Arthur Dagnese
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    Soren Goebel
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    Jan “gravity” Hollyer
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