It's Hell.


  1. coWmeaWWoW Studios
    coWmeaWWoW Studios
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    I love watching these but you really should rap up your points more often but your doing great as is :p

  2. SaintLezz
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    As far as I know Spindle is a character on Blitzo's insta. Scroll back far enough and it should save him from being kidnapped at one point.

  3. Haadi Zaheer
    Haadi Zaheer
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    You made one fatal mistake,You messed with my family!! -Stanlee Pines ???

  4. Roman Gimenez
    Roman Gimenez
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    They are making helluva boss xd

  5. Yukki Kyouka
    Yukki Kyouka
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    i hope they name an episode gunishment

  6. Soybean
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  7. Antonio Solorzano
    Antonio Solorzano
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    he will never be the fuckin protagonist

  8. Scarlet Rain
    Scarlet Rain
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    I like seeing the animation with no audio, makes you really appreciate the effort put into the animation, and how well done it is

  9. Jordan Mills
    Jordan Mills
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    Bill's not dead, and THESE are his final words."A-X-O-L-O-T-L my time has come to burn. I invoke the ancient power that I may return!" You can hear this when you play his final noises backwards. And it has been confirmed that because the ray was still fresh on Stans mind his memory was not completely wiped l out. So Bill was not completely wiped out!

  10. Probably Not King
    Probably Not King
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    I thought this was gonna be a shitpost ab how much we all want robo fizz to absolutely destroy us gunishment

  11. mistress lum
    mistress lum
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    I’m pretty sure when Hazbin says that Alastor is powerful, they’re talking in relation to the other overlords, not the royal demons. VivziePop said that Stolas could totally steamroll Alastor, so he’s not some overpowered demon king. We don’t even know if the story Vaggie was telling about him was true, or a fabrication he’s built around himself.

  12. Dark Dino
    Dark Dino
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    Gunishment and yes I was late

  13. Max Nyman
    Max Nyman
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    Guso is god at dis.

  14. Byron S
    Byron S
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    No talking bad about snakes, I love them. I wonder how many anmimals have gotten the short end of the stick just because of tales and religion.

  15. The Maxiness Clements
    The Maxiness Clements
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    Me: *claps* Nothing happens Also me: goes to hospital because I’m finally able to move

  16. Rajesh R Pillai
    Rajesh R Pillai
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    When gravity falls ended i never felted that sadness since edge retired from wwe

  17. Mischievous kitty Crafts
    Mischievous kitty Crafts
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    Watching this after the cherubs episode. If they cut even get redemption to get back in after what happen I believe that even if Charlie rehabilitate them I don't think upstairs will allow anyone up and just keep killing every year

  18. Yogurt of the Multiverse
    Yogurt of the Multiverse
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    Blitz owning Spindle is technically half-canon, but it was erased from the timeline by said Spindle.

  19. i don't Like doughnuts anymore-
    i don't Like doughnuts anymore-
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    God... i used to watch the nostalgia critic at the start of middle school, which funny enough was right around 2018 when the not so awesome document came out. I didn't know about any of it but as i grew up i started hating the nostalgia critic and doug walker for the same reasons everyone else does. But now... i just feel pitty...

  20. Jakob Kennedy Frost
    Jakob Kennedy Frost
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    Can somebody please explain to me why these guys hate The Owl House and why the take pride in making mean jokes about it?

  21. Not That guy
    Not That guy
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    That game theory bit made me choke on my tea HAH!

  22. Wendy Delana
    Wendy Delana
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    Now vivziepop Club is now JoJo Comic dubs

  23. Everythingman008
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    so yes it is cannon that blitz owned the spindle horse , it was a running story on his instagram that he kept renaming this mysterious horse that even saved his life once xD

  24. MettaFTW
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    ive only seen like 2 of those Lucy videos and the only thing i came away from it with was a firm, unshakable feeling that the guy who created her was really big into the cheshire cat

  25. FireDragon3dc1
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    7:40 that laugh lines up with stolas wayyyyyy too well.

  26. Vriskugo
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    as someone who does know about turtles: their shell also includes their spinal cord, so theres no way to remove the shell and still have a living turtle

  27. Elizabeth the theater kid
    Elizabeth the theater kid
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    So at some point I saw a theory video that said Blitz would betray his friends, but I was like “Nah he could never, even if he wanted too.” There was a few moments tho... I was bout to have a heart attack because I thought they were right- Haha glad Blitz still on their side :)

  28. Adam Gehman
    Adam Gehman
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    you guys talk about weapons' work but they shoot demons with guns in episode 2

  29. Elizabeth the theater kid
    Elizabeth the theater kid
    16 ساعات قبل

    *raises arms* *claps* I B E L I E V E

  30. Sqwivig
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    I feel bad for Doug to be honest. I think he's done a lot of stupid shit, but he doesn't deserve to live a waking nightmare like this. I hope he gets professional help some day. :(

  31. Llamania man
    Llamania man
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    As someone planning to write their first novel an impressive chunk of Lily's advice was useless. Maybe next time she should warn people that this "writing advice" is tailored to those who make dry, opinionated, and ranty She-ra and Steven Universe fanfics. Edit : Rule 27 was incredibly dumb. Has she never heard of thought dumps? Character profiles? Outlines? Plot diagrams? That's how people write fanfictions, Lily, with no planning and minimal preparation. It doesn't work out for a majority of people planning to create and finish a peice of original work. There's nothing wrong with minimal preparation and planning when writing a story or show or comic, that form of writing is not only fun but a blessing. But don't call people filthy liars when they say they don't write that way.

  32. DarknessMohag
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    uhm... Moxxie had already met Millies's parents as He refer to them by their name and not like Mr and miss.. (insert Millie's last name here) .. And Millie says ''You all remember my husband moxxie'' Meaning They have met before, And! at the end when they are backing up to leave, right after Moxxie stands up for Millie and Millie's father nods at him before walking back into the house, Millie says ''Wow he Nodded, he have never acknowledged your input before'' which again means that They have met before. So No this isn't about Moxxie meeting Millies parent for the first time. Just wanted to clear that miss understanding up.

  33. Austin Green
    Austin Green
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    In my opinion, I'd be a bit rough to have a Millie plot, because it's difficult to imagine someone or something that challenges her specifically in an organic way. If it changes her than it changes everyone else in IMP

  34. Sion Forgeblast
    Sion Forgeblast
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    I dont think how Blitzo hesitated while Striker was trying to talk him into joining him and killing Stolas was Blitzo legit considering it. I think it was a case of Blitz thinking "if I be aggressive now he can easly disarm me and them Im screwed.... I need to think strategically, so keep talking horse hand! oh, Moxxie.... YES!"

    1. Diregentleman
      17 ساعات قبل

      Yeah, I agree. Blitzo may have doubts about Stolas, but he’d sooner betray the owl on his own terms for personal gain than let some random punk talk him into being a sidekick.

  35. The Living Liver
    The Living Liver
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    yeahhj the frames were a bit off this episode but my goodness thats no big deal considering HOW MUCH HYPE this episode has brought me

  36. Flowa Powa
    Flowa Powa
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    He does sound like dipper

  37. Akatsuki Overlord
    Akatsuki Overlord
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    He actually is one of the few percent of people who can do a voice like that with 0 pain or drawbacks There is even an interview where he goes into more detail, super interesting stuff

  38. Blue Dood
    Blue Dood
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    Dam dude, you straight tore into Fennah for like 2 secs. Didn’t last that long but you laid down some facts

  39. Soggy Waffles Xp
    Soggy Waffles Xp
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    I’m gonna be honest with you I wasn’t really a big fan of the episode because it’s just 14 minutes of “everyone shits on Moxie ep”. I know blitz is mean spirited to him but in this episode he was very insufferable. I would’ve been OK with this if it wasn’t for the fact that his moment to shine got shut down because of Loona. That part got me so frustrated and this coming a person who likes Loona as a character. It kind of gave me vibes of post movie SpongeBob episodes were they torture squid-ward for no reason.

  40. Quakywacky
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    I think Millie should’ve been the one threatened by Striker, feeling like her family has replaced her. Moxie spends the episode trying to reassure her of her value, but it falls on mute ears, only worsened by the parents turning the cold shoulder to both of them. Millie enters the competition and Striker is able to beat her at everything. Millie then confronts Striker and he overpowers her. Moxie saves her by shooting Striker in the back. They are both thrown into the basement, Millie says to hell with approval tells moxie to go after Striker and the rest of the episode plays like normal.

  41. Alex Ly
    Alex Ly
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    This may come in to play later, Blitz and Moxxie are now in possession of the nobility-killing gun

  42. Abigail Thompson
    Abigail Thompson
    20 ساعات قبل

    When Moxxie found that rifle I realized “oh, this is a _real_ show that’s going somewhere.” That’s a plot point I honestly didn’t expect from this series.

  43. Abigail Thompson
    Abigail Thompson
    21 ساعات قبل

    Alex Brightman actually perfected his voice to get to a point where he could do it consistently without pain or damage.

  44. Arson Joel
    Arson Joel
    21 ساعات قبل

    This is peak comedy

  45. SplatterPaintedCat
    22 ساعات قبل

    How dare you talk shit about my girl Lucy lacemaker

  46. Kieron Campion
    Kieron Campion
    22 ساعات قبل

    Avengers: Age of Ultron was about the journey of the Avengers to become beings of mythology, true heroes after confronting their dark reflection in the form of Ultron, who believes that saviour figures like the Avengers are holding humanity back. We get dreams sequences showing Tony's fear about his lack of control and fear of the future (which later manifests into Ultron). We're shown Natasha's fear that she'll never be anything more than the manipulative killing machine the people in her past made her into. We're shown Captain America's fear that without war, he has no place or home in the world. Ultron sees himself as the saviour the Avengers wish they could be and in a way he has a point. When Ultron first meets the team, they're celebrating a victory that in Ultron's mind they haven't earned. People like Strucker are still around standing in the way of real peace. Ultron comes to the conclusion that as long as humanity has free will, peace will never be achievable. Ultron is desperate for control to a point where he is willing to get the population down so he can rule over what's left and force them to act in accordance to his idea of morality. Ultron's way of achieving peace would be undeniably better for the world statistically, but when you take away humanity's choice to do bad, you also take away any chance for personal growth. We see this in Nick Fury and how much he's changed since Winter Soldier. Ultron says there are "no strings on him," but his entire sense of self worth is tied up to proving his way of fixing the world is better than what the Avengers have been doing. "Nothing last forever" - Natasha Romanov "Trouble, Ms Romanov. No matter who wins or loses, trouble still comes around." - Nick Fury

  47. NerdCuddles
    23 ساعات قبل

    Ngl I kinda hate striker but I think thats intentional

  48. boelwerkr
    23 ساعات قبل

    What i want to see is a "reverse" of this episode. Millie meets Moxxies parents. Two overprotective single child parents who think they and their son are the pinnacle of evolution. :-) The parents putting up obvious traps to kill Millie while Moxxie is putting this off as jokes or her imagination. Millie: "I tell you they try to kill me!" Moxxie: "You imagine this. They would never do that." Millie: "There where piranhas in the bathtub this morning! Do you think that happens often?" Moxxie: "It happened tree times to their neighbors daughter."

  49. beril şevval bekret
    beril şevval bekret
    23 ساعات قبل

    First time?? Did you guys even watched the episode?? It has been stated again and again he met them before at the end Milly literally said 'he never acknowledged your imput before' it means they have met before. Spindle is real. It is a canon story from Instagram.

  50. Joaquin
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    He went and pissed Jotaro off.

  51. Kadaraphack
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    the father part of Stolice, not the sexual part in any way reminds me of my dad. My mom and dad fought a lot. I was mentally drained at the age of 5-10. My dad always had a lot of trouble with my mom and never knew how to express the way he felt about it. My dad certainly never cheat, he wasn't like solstice in any way but, the song he sang remembered me of all the times my mom and dad fought and he told me it was never my fault and it's going to be ok.. For that I love Helluva boss..

  52. DianaCrystal
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    I feel like Angel Dust, Charlie, Allister, and Vaggie are all the main protaganists of the story.

  53. Crazy_ Apepperoni
    Crazy_ Apepperoni
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    Subversive does not equal good the ending of SVTFOE might've been subversive but was it a good subversive ending...no.

    1. Diregentleman
      أيام قبل

      It's weird how I never said Subversive = Good isn't it? You may want to take it up with that guy... *gestures to the straw man over in yonder corn field*

  54. DianaCrystal
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    6:02 Wait, is that Blitzy????

  55. Sketch’s Art Corner
    Sketch’s Art Corner
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    Calling it now- Blitzø is an imp from the Lust Ring.

  56. Paolo
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    I remember watching that Scooby Doo review (The weird ominous "NC is dead subplot" and his rant on being himself) and not really getting it... Actually, I blocked out that scene talking about how he hates his _job_ and seeing it here feels like re watching a horror movie and noticing the clues about who is the murderer... It's weirdly scary

  57. Entidade
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    7:43 the laugh is almost syncronized

  58. Wheels
    أيام قبل

    born/living in NC and not having an accent gang

  59. Dark Harlequin
    Dark Harlequin
    أيام قبل

    I think Moxxie is a wrath Imp as well. He says "I was born here too. I have some fight in me". Honestly I think Blitz might be a greed/lust Imp. Given that he worked in Loo Loo Land and is quite... promiscuous.

  60. Otar 3000
    Otar 3000
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    Faded memory vs Axolotl We'll see if he comes back

  61. Amel the Fox
    Amel the Fox
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  62. Ashoka
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    Owl House review: There no owls in this house, theres no owls in this house, theres no owls in this house

  63. Ashoka
    أيام قبل

    if you like comically unstoppable forces of good you should check out Gatchaman CROWDS

    1. Ashoka
      21 ساعات قبل

      @Diregentleman i see you too are a man of cuöture and scrap book fetishism

    2. Diregentleman
      أيام قبل

      *makes scissor hands* Gatcha!

  64. SDTrask
    أيام قبل

    I was wondering if either of you two thought hyper realistic art (like sponge bob used to do) would fit the athstetic of this show or could fit the shows style well, like how it was implemented into sponge bob for comedy.

  65. DiabeticJesus
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  66. JokE3rDa
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    Cringe could be, but I better word for me is Edgy because let's be honest, we love this series but in some points is kind of Edgy xD but is Hell so needs to be Edgy. I always gonna remember Millie voice when she says "Our Boss BOoOYYFRIEEeeeNndddDD" And also Stryker trying to convince Blitzo I was thinking " Am, Mr Reedus are you trying to convince or seduce him ? Also are you seducing me..?" And I have a theory with other people I know, how the Level of Power in this Hell World - Low we have Imps who serve other Demons - Then we have Demons/People like Angel, Husk, Vagie, etc. - Then we have More Status Demons people who was Influence or Have some important when they were alive like the Mafia Boss or the Rich guys from the 3rd Episode - Next have de Status with Some Power Demons, Important people who also practice some Weird Magic or have some aprouch to it, like Alastor who practiced Voodoo, was a Big Radio influence and also kill a loot of people also child to his Voodoo God. - After we have the Valkyries who purge the Hell - And the end we have the Hell Rulers or Royal Hell Family's like Stolas

  67. 『AKpenZa Panda』
    『AKpenZa Panda』
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  68. Kacper XT
    Kacper XT
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    you sound like everyone

  69. TheArkhamjester
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    Thank you for Tip 5 so much, so many youtubers and writers, even professional writers struggle to understand this. Makes me feel 10% less crazy for having a similar idea.

  70. Clarkys Weather and stuff
    Clarkys Weather and stuff
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  71. It'sMegan 347
    It'sMegan 347
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    I love how they compared Fizzoroli to Beetlejuice because he's literally voiced by Alex Brightman who played Beetlejuice on Broadway

  72. BrianDrawz
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    I'll come for your kneeca-

  73. Hannah Banina
    Hannah Banina
    أيام قبل

    Spindle was a marvelous wonder of a Hell mare and she had Blitzo had an absolutely beautiful relationship; I was really sad to see her go. I've seen it argued that at this rate, Moxxie is looking more like the actual protagonist than Blitzo, but I dunno, I still feel like the overall overarching narrative is very much still about Blitzo. We certainly aren't being subtly tantalized with tiny crumbs of Moxxie's past the way we are with Blitzo's. (I still can't wait to learn more about his twin sister Barbie.) Besides, Moxxie already has stable and reliable emotional support in the form of Millie, whereas Blitzo is still struggling for emotional fulfillment from almost any direction; his daughter doesn't respect him or show him any affection, one of his employees is disgusted by him, and his sexual partner is someone he'd rather not have anything to do with (or at least not be needing to bang just so he can conduct his business). Moxxie may have gotten more direct focus so far, but the centerpiece is absolutely still Blitzo. That's my take anyway.

  74. lazy speedster
    lazy speedster
    أيام قبل

    I watch both Spindelhorse and Fennah's content, I'm gonna be that asshole and ask, aren't fennah's characters supposed to be disturbing in nature? ',:Y Don't get me wrong, it us excessive in it's edge but i thought uncanny as all get out was the point

  75. TheEPROM9
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